Water Crisis In Mexico City Essay

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I have managed to identify a water crisis that is occurring right now in the capital of Mexico, Mexico city. Mexico City is home to an inefficient and inconvenient water delivery system, and they are struggling to meet the crucial demands of its 22 million residents. The problem has generally been created by the people who are sucking up water from the aquifer. As the water level in the aquifer drops, the ground above it sinks. This is resulting in Mexico City slowly but surely sinking because of the amount of water that is being pumped out from its foundations.

Mexico City isn’t the only place that has this disastrous problem. Other cities that are sinking due to the pumping out of water from underground include, Houston in the USA, 46 different cities in China, Venice in Italy, Bangkok in Thailand, Manila in the Philippines, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Jakarta in Indonesia. As we can see, this is a worldwide problem affecting many places. One of the worst affected areas I have heard about is Jakarta a.k.a “worst sinking city” and I agree because …show more content…

This causes something called subsidence. Subsidence occurs when one extracts water from the ground which results in layers of sludge and rock slowly piling on top of each other. Basically, the ground is gradually collapsing causing it to start sinking. I have come up to a conclusion that if we keep taking water from underground aquifers, the water will casually get lower and lower and the ground will start to sink. Adding on to that, as cities start to urbanize the ground is collapsing even more. The stakeholders acting towards Mexico City’s water issue are the domestic consumers, the industrial corporation, and the Government of the Federal District. These are just a few of the stakeholders found in this region. These reinforcements are highlighted because they are some of the most important stakeholders in this

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