Sea Level Rise In Miami

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The Imminent Threat of Sea Level Rise in Miami
Here in southeast Florida we are one of the most vulnerable sea level rise places on earth. Citizens of these cities have begun to notice the changes of the sea level during a small period of time. Each time, it is more common to see in no rain days flooding, streets of water coming out under the earth, and it is not fresh water. It is salty water proceeding from the ocean. According to the World Resources Institute, (Forbes 3) by the end of this century, the sea level could increase up to 4 feet; at this point, more than 80 percent of south beach would be flooded.
The cause of the increasing of sea level is the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (Pittock 22) caused by human activities, such …show more content…

Others may object to my proposition, with the argument that there will come the point where the compartments for storing the excess of water would be insufficient, and it would happen that the same is happening now with the current system. At that point, it would be necessary to seek solutions again that would be more expensive for the city. However, the odds of this new drainage system are very positive due to that a similar project was carried out in the city of Tokyo to protect it from flooding during heavy rains (G-Cans Project, Kasukabe, Saitama, and Greater Tokyo Area). Named G-can Project by their designers, it is the largest underground flood water diversion facility in the world. The megaproject was able to reduce drastically the floods that frequently affected the …show more content…

The sea level rise also threatens the source of drinking water of Miami Beach, the Everglades and the large freshwater wetland South Florida. Not to mention, that great part of our economy is produced from the tourism. Miami is full of buildings, most of them luxurious, very close to the sea, and the tourism is vital and known worldwide, to the point that climate change could greatly harm tourism in Miami. And, eventually, if they don’t take action over this situation, the tourists will search for another place where to take the sun without wetting their feet when walking down the streets and this will be impacting as well as the residential

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