Summary: The Florida Everglades Water Supply

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Imagine, the wonderful Everglades getting destroyed bit by bit until it’s gone. The Everglades water supply is slowly trying to recover. The water quality and supply is better than what it was but, still pretty bad. The Everglades water supply is this way because of it’s past history, certain problems, and the issues trying to fix the Everglades. To begin with, the Everglades past history has been bad. When people started coming to Florida they started to drain the water. The settlers were trying to drain the water for agricultural purposes. In “Past and Present: The Florida Everglades” it stated that “They laid rails for a railroad system, and more and more settlers came to the wetlands.” As more people came to the Everglades more of it got destroyed. The Everglades past history was pretty bad and that’s just one part in why the Everglades got ruined. In addition, certain problems has been making the Everglades worse. Sugar cane crops grow and thrive in the Everglades. Sugarcane is taking up lots of land and its also taking up land for animals to live. In “Can We Fix the Water Supply?” it states “Also as the sugarcane crop is harvested, fertilizer used on the plants to ensure a successful crop introduces chemicals and excess amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus into …show more content…

People are trying to restore the Everglades but, problems keep coming up. One of them is money to do the projects. In 2004 the Supreme Court made the choice to establish an $8.4 billion project to help the Everglades, which helped a ton. In “Water Quality Nearly Halts Everglades Restoration” states that “A settlement between Florida’s governor, the Obama Administration, and the sugar industry has led to The Everglades Restoration Act, a bill that would invest $880 million in state money to restore water quality in the Everglades.” People have been trying to fix the Everglades and thanks to their efforts the Everglades is almost

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