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The Everglades used to be a beautiful place that was home to many rare endangered species. But thanks to construction, agbusinesses, and draining the Everglades we have destroyed this one beautiful piece of land.

To lead off, a mass increase in construction around and in the Everglades lead to a total destruction of it. In “ The Florida Everglades ” it says “ The construction cuts off the flow of fresh water to the Everglades.” Without the flow of fresh water to the Everglades fish wouldn 't be able to live, the Florida Bay wouldn’t be able to survive and we wouldn’t have clean water to drink. On page 113 paragraph 1 it states “ These wetlands were once home to many rare, endangered, and exotic species. However, this is no longer the case due to
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In “ Can We Fix the Water Supply ? ” it states “ … Because the sugarcane crop grows so well there. The Everglades is host to 440,000 acres of sugarcane. As the demand for the sugarcane crop increase, more land is needed for planting, …’’ With an increase in the sugarcane crop we are clearing more land which is destroying the Everglades. On page 117 paragraph 4 it says “ Phosphorous is found in fertilizer. In 1986, when detriment levels of phosphorous were discovered, water management becomes primary.” Since the sugarcane crop is grown so close to the Everglades the phosphorous found in fertilizer is getting into the…show more content…
The first white settlers that came to Florida thought it was a good idea to drain the Everglades, but they were wrong. Since those early settlers drained the Everglades we have altered the water system. On page 113 paragraph 3 it says “ The streams were dredged, and the Everglades were nearly drained entirely.” Thanks to those settlers we many never get the Everglades back to the way it used to
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