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Antigone Essay
In the play Antigone, written by sophocles in 441 BC, two main characters, Antigone and Creon, must decide who is right and who is not. There are many arguments as to why Antigone is right and why Creon is right but there are a bit more logical reasons to why Antigone is right. Out of most the arguments there are three very important and persuasive ones. These are only some of the reasons why Antigone is right and Creon is a fool.

The first reason is that she did what the gods wanted, and what the gods want overrule the laws. She disobeyed the king's law to please the gods and this is what makes her right. Creon thinks just because he his king he has all the power when really the gods have all the power. Then again Creon is in fact king and whatever the king said went and he could punish people who disobeyed him however he pleased, but even kings look up to the gods because they know that they have full power over them. Creon probably wouldn’t have had anybody die in his own hands if he had did what the gods wanted and not what he wanted for his own pleasure. Another reason why Antigone is correct is because she did what the whole city would have
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Even if someone had a close relative or friend fight against them they would most likely still want their soul to rest peacefully. Antigone didn’t care about any law, if it meant letting her own brother’s soul go to rest she didn’t hesitate for a second. That’s not always the case, Polyneices was a relative of Creon and Creon wanted his corpse to rot in the desert. Nobody wants their opposition to die peacefully. Creon acted as though Polyneices the worst person in the entire world. Antigone’s reason is still better, just because someone relative opposes someone else doesn’t they suddenly aren’t their family anymore. Family is supposed to support and take care of each other and that is exactly what Antigone is

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