The Similarities Between Creon And Antigone

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In a certain way, the conflict was generated by the confrontation of two people who believed to be powerful. Creon saw himself as the new ruler of Thebes and he created a new image and became an arrogant and very self-centered person. For example, when Creon was arguing with Haem, he said to his son “will my subjects tell me how to rule” (834) , he also said "And I am guilty, then, Claiming due reverence for my sovereignty?” (852-3). These statements clearly show that Creon believed that being a new ruler gave him a new position over everyone; he thought that nobody could be against him or his rules. On the other hand, Antigone was acting just as Creon. She did not want to recognize Creon as the new person in charge. Antigone thought that she could accept only order directly from the gods. In fact, when she was interrogated by Creon to know about her awareness about the rules she said “Yes, for it was not Zeus who …show more content…

Creon was not only looking to be a good ruler, he was looking to prove that he was strong or may be better than Oedipus. He did not accept offenses, but it was worse in the case of Antigone because she was a woman. For example, when Creon realized that Antigone had taken her brother’s body and she accepted her guilt without feeling scared from his rules, he said “She is the man, not I, if all unscathed, Such deeds of might are hers” (532-33). In that statement, he was making a difference between what a woman can do or not. In Creon’s mind were attitudes allowed to man only. In addition, when Creon was arguing with Antigone about her disrespect, he said, “Go, then, below. And if thou must have love, Love those thou find’st there. While I live, at least, A woman shall not rule”.(590-92) He clearly stated that he would never accept a woman as his ruler and that a woman would never make the

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