Essay On Why High Schoolers Should Skip College

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The newly changed law that high schoolers can’t skip college and go pro is thought to be changed in the future. The current law says that the athlete must be at least 19 years old to enter the league. Whether the law is for or against high schoolers going pro, it will change basketball at all levels. From peewee to pro it will all be different. Being able to succeed in the NBA without going to college is a big topic of controversy in the sports industry. For gifted basketball players, there are some benefits and drawbacks of skipping college. Examples of Players who Skipped College The first player to skip college and go straight into pro basketball (in this case the ABA) was Reggie Harding (Faye). Harding was drafted in the fourth round of the 1961 draft, unfortunately Harding didn’t touch the court his first year in the league, which lead him to re-enter the draft the very next year. When people argue that players should have to go to college before pro, they bring up the name Reggie Harding because he wasn’t ready for all the hype leading up to the draft and his body wasn’t developed enough for the ABA. In Others who argue that players should be able to skip college bring up names like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwight Howard, who are all current NBA superstars. …show more content…

Cuban doesn’t believe that the NBA should change the rule. On the other hand, University of Louisville’s head men’s basketball coach, Rick Pitino believes, “ High school athletes should be able to go straight to the NBA. He said that the athletes who go to college go to pass time until they can enter the draft don’t get much from taking online classes for seven months”. Pitino also stated, “ College is not for everybody. So, if a kid doesn’t want to go to college, let him go to the

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