Essay: The Wall Street Protest At Townsend Harris High School

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As I walked down the hall of the fifth floor of Townsend Harris High School, the eyes of distraught, stressed, and frightened students stared back at me. However, sitting with their backs pressed against the lockers, every one of them had a face of resolve, a will to rid our prestigious school of the new interim acting principal, Mrs. Rosemary Jahoda. I was looking at and experiencing one of the most revolutionary movements that our school has ever undertaken. It was a peaceful, sit-down protest that had the goal of improving our school community, for the sake of the students and faculty alike. This, and many other current examples of civil disobedience, are campaigns that work towards changing the current circumstances that the party is experiencing. The Wall Street protest, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Townsend Harris sit-in are but few recent incidents that tried to …show more content…

This is an important matter, as it pertains to me personally and my future as a student in Townsend Harris. Students and teachers feel uncomfortable and sense tension because of the new interim acting principal's arrival. There are rumors about her past position in Bronx Science High School, and her harsh attitude was certainly experienced by more than one faculty member at Townsend Harris. Due to these dissatisfactions, a protest was organized by the student president and some teachers on December 8, 2016. Students that did not have a class or were having lunch at the time went to the fourth and fifth floor hallways and sat in silence while the deputy superintendent, Leticia Pinerio, questioned the students. This story made it to the New York Times, and a petition has even been created that has now reached over 3,000 signatures. As much as I would appreciate a change in what is happening, it will be very difficult to sway the Department of Education. However, the intent was for a positive impact on the school

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