Essay Who Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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Who killed Romeo and Juliet? Family will always be there for you and you can always forgive them when they do something wrong, but sometimes when they go to far you can’t forgive them anymore… This is something that happens in Shakespeare’s “The Tradgedy of Romeo and Juliet.” The purpose of family is for them to love you and take care of you and Tybalt is one of Juliet’s family members but in the end Juliet is doomed for death. The blame lies with lies with Tybalt because he is too emotional, he fights too much, and his death causes many repercussions. Some may say that Balthasar holds the most blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. After all, Balthasar is the one who tells Romeo Juliet is dead. This causes Romeo’s downward spiral, which ultimately results in Romeo’s death. When she discovers Romeo’s death, Juliet stabs herself. While this may be true, Tybalt holds the most blame for the outcome …show more content…

Though the Montagues try to make peace to cause no harm to the people around them and cause trouble Tybalt decides to say he hates peace and starts a fight. This shows how emotional Tybalt is and how he gets angry very easily, because the Montagues were not even trying to start any problems and Tybalt made the fight. Another example how angry and emotional Tybalt can get is when he tries to fight Romeo at the ball and quotes “ It Fits when such a villain is a guest, i’ll not endure him.” This shows that Tybalt’s anger overwhelms him very easily and automatically when he sees something he doesn’t like, because in the situation he was in Romeo was trying to have fun and not doing anything wrong Tybalt still tries to fight him because he’s a montague, even after Lord Capulet says himself to “leave Romeo alone and worry not of

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