Ethical Dilemmas In The Dark Knight

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Merriam-Webster defines dilemma as “a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is unambiguously acceptable or preferable”. In the same context, ethical means “behaviors conforming to accepted standards of conduct”. Together, ethical dilemma implies a situation offering two unambiguously acceptable or preferable possibilities that involve conforming to accepted standards of conduct. This seemingly complicated and unrealistic concept, in fact, pervades every aspect of our culture. The first time I observed this concept was the day I watched the movie in the theater for the first time in my life. That movie was “The Dark Knight”, released in 2008 and produced by Christopher Nolan. The plot of the movie is fairly easy to follow; Bruce Wayne, the most influential and opulent businessman of the Gotham city, notices the malevolence of the group led by the psychopathic lunatic, Joker, and attempts to save the city from them. In this process, Bruce Wayne has to make decisions and choices in terms of rescuing one group instead of the other, but in the very end, he successfully fights over the Joker and his group. Yet the closer scrutiny of this movie…show more content…
In fact, only a few months ago, a whistleblower blackwashed the sexual assaults using the Kakao talk among the students majoring in economics at Korea University. Yet the decisions and conflicts that Nolan portrayed through the movie were striking to thirteen years old and remain to be vivid even today. Those two scenes that I have listed above are in fact unforgettable. That’s why I chose “The Dark Knight” as an example of the personal observation regarding the ethical dilemma. The night I watched “The Dark Knight” was the moment I learned the true meaning of ethical dilemma, which was hard to capture through the text at school. No matter what the others say, “The Dark Knight” will continue to be ranked the top on my movie
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