Ethical Issues In The Film 'Incident At Morales'

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Incident at Morales was a movie developed to inform about ethical issues. The National Institute for Engineering Ethics at Texas Tech University developed the movie in 2003. They use an example in the movie of a company that produces paint remover. The company is trying to compete with other paint remover companies. The company undergoes budget cuts of 20% and also tries to compete with another company that is releasing a new product. This results in the company trying to produce a better product at a reduced budget. The company makes many unethical decisions. They chose to purchase cheaper controls that do not meet the regulations. Then when they discovered that the new product requires higher temperature and pressure, the controls ultimately fail. The worker suggests that he operate it manually. The …show more content…

Fred should not just go to Wally because he has to go to him first. Wally did not want Fred going to anyone else about the issues that surfaced while designing the new process because then other people would discover the many unethical decisions that were made by the company. If I were Wally, I would have engineers evaluate the safety of the process design right after they finished designing the system. The safety of the plant is the most important part of building a new design. Wally did not tell the truth about maintaining the design with the cheaper controls. They used a poor alternate plan to try and resolve their many mistakes they made during the designing process. Instead of going through with the alternate plan and utilizing a manually operated control system, he should have stopped production and replaced the cheaper controls with the more expensive controls. I believe that it is important to spend the necessary money for the equipment that will ensure the safety of the workers in the company and follow EPA regulations. Wally did not think about others when making his greedy

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