Ethical Philosophy Of Virtue Ethics

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The purpose of this essay is to explore Virtue Ethics as an Ethical Philosophy that is more interested in virtues rather than the rules and principles of ethics. While exploring the moral character is important to this approach to normative ethics, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to boil down the two other major approaches – Deontology and Consequentialism – to Virtue Ethics. Upon further investigation, it becomes apparent that many defenses of ‘duties’ or Deontology, implicitly appeals to the consequences of our actions, even if those consequences are hidden behind a veil of mystery or authority. If this was not the case, the concept of duties would not make any sense since no matter what we do, no outcome will have a preferable…show more content…
(2015), unlike other ethical philosophies that emphasize learning and following rules, Virtue Ethics is more concerned with developing the moral character and good habits which necessitates education at an early age and lifelong learning in order to acquire virtues like courage, kindness and determination.(a.Virtue Theories). This ethical type make sense since it takes in account reflections on human condition, what it means to be human and thrive in the long run, what sort of human being we want to be, and all the historical lessons learned from the success and failure of generations people in reaching their potential. The strength of this theory is to count in emotions, community, balance between self-interests and others’ interest and incorporate them in developing traits or virtues that make us better at making decisions that affect ours and others well-being with minimum or no infringement on the rights and well-being on other human beings. Virtue Ethics looks at the bigger picture and tries to address dilemmas from a human perspective rather than the mechanical and calculative…show more content…
I’ve seen many people that at night send money to poor children in other parts of the world, while in the day are so hateful and judgmental and make life miserable for others and when are confronted with this fact they say but we are
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