Ethos Pathos Capital Punishment

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The capital punishment is well supported in this article. It clearly shows how ethos, pathos and logos support the why the capital punishment should be kept and not taken away. The reader is heavily given enough information to go towards the side of keeping the capital punishment. While there is little information why the punishment shouldn’t be used its not supported as well. You can clearly see the works of ethos taking place when the author says “the threat that is it is a possibility is enough to deter crime and as a result”. Here we clearly see how the author is giving the reason to why the capital punishment should be kept. The author uses the quote because the effect of using the capital punishment is going down because of it. Furthermore when the author also talks about this how “a potential murderer could witness an execution and then really get the message that it is a real and effective punishment”. The Author uses this line to convince the reader that by keeping the punishment the criminals will think twice …show more content…

You can clearly see how the author uses pathos in this line “the pain and suffering of both the victim and his or her family”. This considered pathos because it has to do with feelings of a person. Furthermore with quote used the reader is saying while capital punishment should not be kept because it causes sadness to the families criminal. Further along in the article we see how he gives an example of crime. In the crime example the author uses this quote “If we have not gone through something like this personally, what the families and loved ones of the victims suffered” the quote for the example ask the reader to put your feet in the shoes of the families which their loved ones were toured before being killed by the person. He uses this question to make the reader feel the emotion that the families went

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