Eureka Spring Autobiography

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Over Spring Break, my family traveled to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to visit my family that reside in Kansas. Eureka Spring is an amazing town nestled in the Ozark Mountains. On our way, we visited the Precious Moments Chapel and saw a replica of the resurrection of Christ. In Eureka Springs, they have a play performed in the summer called the Passion Play and they also have replica of the resurrection of Christ and the theater is set to look like Bethlehem. Seeing all of these things sparked good conversation with my 12-year-old son, but it also brought back some sad and troublesome memories for myself. Growing up as a Christian, I helped my mom prepare for our local churches theatrical version of the resurrection. I was raised that because Jesus loved me, he had died for my sins. I was about 5ish when I attended the play. At one moment, Jesus walks between the pews of the church with slash marks across his back, a crown of thorns draped on his brow, blood running down his head and carrying a cross. The cross he would die on. As such a young child, I was horrified… what had I done for Jesus a man of love, to suffer in such a horrible way. I burst into hysterics and my mom had to escort me …show more content…

It is just an experience I cannot seem to overcome. We have read and discussed in this class moments we’ve experienced God, in our lives and in our hearts. And prior to the trip I had dismissed this childhood experience. Today, reflecting back I understand more about myself. One of those reflections is that I feel very deeply, I am very empathetic and the suffering of others, is the suffering of myself. Perhaps, this is one genuine way God has touched my life. He has taught me to love unconditionally, to help the weak, the poor and the hungry, he gave me a compassionate heart and a deep desire to live my life by his standards, so that no one suffers again by my

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