Secure Attachment Style Essay

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Our attachment style is how we relate to ourselves, God, and others. There are four main attachment styles: avoidant, ambivalent, disorganized, and secure. The avoidant attachment style has a high view of self and a distrust for others. The opposite of that is the ambivalent attachment style: a poor view of self and a dependence on others. The disorganized attachment style does not trust themselves or others. A secure attachment style has a positive view of self and a positive view of others. The goal for everyone is to have a secure attachment style in relation to themselves, God, and others. My attachment style, however, is somewhat avoidant to others and mainly secure to God. Avoidant attachment styles in relation to self and others have a positive view of themselves and a negative view of others. They are self-sufficient and feel others cannot meet their needs. They are usually egotistical and have an elevated view of themselves. They do not trust others and avoid intimacy. …show more content…

He is their safe haven and secure base. They will trust in Him through the storms and depend on Him for everything. I am progressing into a secure relationship with God. He is my Rock and my safety and He loves me unconditionally. However, last year I went through a trial in my life where I was ambivalent towards God. I depended on my works for God to be pleased with me and actually love me. I feared His rejection and I became dependent on my self-righteousness. However, God stayed with me and proved His unconditional love over and over. He healed my mind and brought me back into a trusting love relationship with Him. Even though I still struggle with the repercussions of that view, God is working in me and helping me trust Him more each day. His love for me is everlasting and unconditional and He will never reject me. His approval for me is found in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and not my

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