Secure Attachment Essay

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Adolescents who lack a secure attachment relationship with their caregivers are at a greater risk for dysregulation of affect when experiencing trauma and the developing the symptoms of posttraumatic stress. Insecurely attached children and adolescents do not seek comfort in their caregivers so when exposed to trauma, their coping abilities are significantly hindered. When not able to seek protection and comfort in their caregivers, insecurely attached youth are more likely to be overwhelmed by stress; coping alone with limited resources may cause hyperarousal or disassociation (Perry, 2001). Likewise, an adolescent with a secure attachment can act as a layer of defense against the potential adverse effects of trauma (Finkelhor & Browne, 1984). A secure attachment also provides a safe a nurturing environment that enables the adolescent to process the traumatic events and become more equipped to return to a sense of safety and wellbeing- at least the same level experiences prior to the traumatic experience. McFarlane (1988) explains the …show more content…

Additional risk factors include having a caregiver who has untreated/unresolved trauma and who may have difficulty with affect regulation, depression, anxiety, and/or hostility/aggression (Harris, et al., 2004). Being a member of a high-risk group such as: having Native American, Alaskan Native, African American, and mixed-race decent (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2008); being a homeless youth, LGBTQ+; and/or being a youth whose parents have a criminal record or history of mental illness can impede on the adolescent’s resiliency and ability to cope with trauma (Costello et al.,

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