The Cyntioa Brown Case

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The Cyntioa Brown Essay Social workers daily experience cases that are intriguing. However, a social worker presented with a case that involve adolescents and trauma is presented an intricate and prodigious case. The trauma experienced by adolescents in these events put adolescents at a high probability of at-risk behaviors and disconcerting life events. The Cyntioa Brown case is a prime example of how an adolescent who has experienced traumatic life experiences displayed at-risk behaviors associated with disconcerting life events. Presenting Problem In the case of Cyntioa Brown the presenting problem is are these the actions of an adolescent who experience traumatic life events or the actions of calculated killer. In the case at hand, the burden fail on the judicial system of Nashville, Tennessee to make that decision. Nonetheless, people who followed the case understood both parties presenting case for and against Cyntioa Brown. However, as a …show more content…

The research indicated this stereotype exist because research conducted is conducted on inpatients at hospitals (para. 28-9). More so, this research study support that just because you suffer from a mental illness that does not make you violent (murderer). Barriers Cyntioa Brown biggest barrier is she was convict of a capital crime (murder) as adult although she was 16 years of age at the time of the crime. Another, barrier for Ms. Brown is that she is being held in a federal prison. A lot of interventions that is beneficial for her while she is locked up my not be accessible. Budget cuts across state programs have reduce the number of programs that is beneficial to prisoner’s rehabilitation. More so, prisoners such as; Ms. Brown often go through their entire prison term without receiving any services that help address the issues which led them to be locked up.

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