Applying Erickson's Psychodynamic Theory

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I remember that I have studied Erickson 's theory before at least three times, but when I read about it during this week assignment, I found some answers for many questions about the therapeutic applications for the theory. As Adler-Tapia, R. (2012) stated that “conceptualizing psychotherapy with Erickson 's stages of psychological development helps the therapist to formulate theories of when the client did not successful awareness each stage of psychological development” (p. 25). For me this is a kind of direct answer of how to integrate the theory into the practical intervention with client. Also, the examples of the Behaviorism theory were very useful for me to know more about the application of the theory because the author was talking about real clients …show more content…

I understand now how the developmental theories can introduce a clear understanding about the case conceptualization not only for the children, but also for the adults and the children 's future as well. As Adler-Tapia, R. (2012) stated that “The studies included here are about the overwhelming evidence that the earliest relationship not only has significant impact on the child health and development, but even the quality of the individuals future relationship” (p.39). As a future therapist, I need to look carefully to the child 's parent attachment dynamic to understand the child suffers and gain more information about the child which it could lead me to choose the right intervention. As Adler-Tapia, R. (2012) stated that “In psychotherapy, it is important for the therapist to assess the quality of the child 's attachment with parent. The parent 's attachment and trauma history will provide a great deal of information about the relationship between parent and child” (p. 49). Since the environmental factor has one of the greatest influence on the child life, I learn also how is important to accommodate the environment of the clinic or the hospital to be suitable for the children for familiarity and feed

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