Complex Trauma Case Study

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Complex Trauma: Adversity Affecting Body and Mind Complex Trauma is “the result of multiple exposures to traumatic events, maltreatment, or polyvictimization beginning in early childhood or adolescence, occurring within the context of unpredictable, uncontrollable, and violent environments in conjunction with inconsistent of absent protective caregiving” (Atchison, 2015, p.195) These traumas may include one or more types of abuse including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and neglect (Kisiel et. al, 2009). Parental risk factors for complex trauma include single parenting or young parenting, substance abuse, having a psychiatric disorder, involvement in criminal activity, low income, difficulty bonding with …show more content…

Often there are deficits in areas of hygiene, toileting, eating, sleeping, social skills, motivation to complete daily routines. “Task analysis is used to identify factors (e.g., motor, social-emotional, cognitive, sensory) that may limit successful participation across various settings, such as school, home, and community” (AOTA, 2015, p. 1). Anxiety, stress, and fear are high in patients with complex trauma. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy can be used to decrease anxiety and negative coping skills (Capogreco et. al, 2016). It can help to increase body awareness, emotional and cognitive understanding and executive functioning skills. Breathing exercises can be learned and practiced in mindfulness therapy. With younger children placing a “belly breathing rock” on top of their stomach (while they are laying down) can help them visually see their breath and slow it down. A glitter Jar filled with liquid and glitter can be shaken and watched, focusing the mind on calming as the glitter swirls slow down. Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Therapy (SMART) is another type of therapy that occupational therapists can do in tandem with mental health professionals (AOTA, 2015). SMART uses play in a safe space as a way to develop self-regulation. Occupational therapists can also have

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