Child Abuse Case Study Lamyia's

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Lamyia’s DCFS involvement on 12-02-16, Lamyia’s middle son, arrived at school with bruises on the rights side of his face and cheek as well as bruising on his arm, upper thigh and stomach. The marks were parallel, circular, finger marks, linear and other shapes of marks. Lamyia’s son stated that he got hit with the shiny part of a belt and that mother’s paramour whooped him on 11-30-16. The reason for the whooping was he did not enter their home through the correct door causing school officials to believe no one was home when the child was delivered home on the school bus. Lamyia’s son and other two children were taken to Children's Hospital for evaluation due to the injuries on the child. The children remained for three days at children’s hospital. …show more content…

In the past Lamyia has experienced domestic violence between herself and her paramours. Most altercations lead to incarceration of one parent.
Currently, Lamyia is showing signs of anger, doubt, grief and loss. Lamyia is having difficult in comprehending why her children are in care. Lamyia experienced abuse when she was a child which causes worry for her children from her past experiences. Suggestions from Lamyia’s Integrated Assessment were individual therapy/life couching and interactive parenting education. Lamyia may benefit from trauma focused therapy due to her childhood trauma, domestic violence, involvement with DCFS, and everyday life

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