Maltreatment Case Study

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Extent of Maltreatment:
The household consist of Shaquana L. Wright 37, (maltreating caregiver/mother), Demecia Harris 4, (victim), and Annie Howard (Grandmother). Shaquana Wright, 37(maltreating caregiver), mother of Demecia does not reside in the home Annie Howard (maternal grandmother/caregiver) but frequently visits the home of to care for the child. The maltreatment addressed in this case is Substance Misuse and Environmental Hazards. The child in the home is functioning normally. Child is not exhibiting hunger issues or looking unkempt. On 03/10/2016 it was reported Shaquana was buying drugs, getting high, and letting other sell drugs out of her home while Demecia was present. The report stated Shaquana neglects Demecia while under the …show more content…

The mother has four priors the two prior adult intakes with physical injury by Paramour. She was listed as a victim with mild retardation. Shaquana states at the time of the two adult priors in 2006 and 2009 the play fighting she did with the paramour at that time sometimes have gotten a little rough. Another prior the mother was a HM during family violence investigation in 2012. One last prior she was the AP with no indicators in environmental hazards, substance misuse alcohol, and substance misuse-illicit drugs. This alleged set of maltreatments appears to have been going on for about few months. It was at that time since she moved into her apartments the mother has been having problems with neighbor who does not get along with any of the tenants. The case was closed with no indicators. The father of the child and paternal uncle have been harassing Shaquana about getting off child support. It has been stated from Ms. Dixon the father of the child has another family and wants the letters to stop coming to his home and if he was off child support he will help more. Ms. Dixon states the father is embarrass about having relations with Shaquana and states he had taken advantage of …show more content…

The family was seen and was upset about the allegations, but does not seem surprise. Demecia resides with her maternal grandmother Annie Howard who assumes full care and responsibilities since birth. Shaquana visits and assist her mother at Annie Howard’s home. This decision was made due to the cognitive complications Shaquana had at birth. The adults are taking the high road in dealing with the situation because this is all for Demecia. Once Shaquana knew she would be drug tested she admitted to the use of weed, but never around the child. She agreed to take any classes that are necessary to make sure Demecia wouldn’t have to suffer any consequences because of her

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