Diagnostic Impressions Paper

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Diagnostic Impressions Sharon is a 34 year old mother that is being forced by Department of Human Resources (DHR) to complete treatment to get custody of her two children. Sharon was married 10 years to her husband after he passed away from a car accident two years ago. Client reported that she started using opiates two months after her husband passed away. Sharon’s husband was her high school sweetheart and was the only reliable man in her life. Sharon married two years after graduating from high school and hasn’t had the opportunity to live by herself. Sharon was a stay at home mom that didn’t have to work because her husband took care of her and the children. Sharon also reported that she was raised by her mother and didn’t have a father figure in her life. After her husband passed away she had to start working to financially provide for the children. Sharon reported she started using opiates more after she started working. As a result, she was fired from her job for her poor work …show more content…

Throughout the internship process, these two theoretical approaches have been very effective in assisting the client to healthier living. The hierarchy of needs theory is based on Abraham Maslow emphasize on self-actualization. The hierarchy of needs consist of basic needs, safety, and esteem that are sequence from highest to lowest in achievement. It is important that in this setting at an outpatient treatment center primarily assessing individuals with substance abuse issues that self-actualization is discussed and explained. Clients dealing with substance abuse problems loss so much of their lives as it relates to their job, children, and shelter. Therefore, it is imperative that we focus on establishing the client with the basic necessities before tackling the psychological

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