Withdrawal Essays

  • Opiate Withdrawal

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    emotional difficulties associated with withdrawal. For many people, the first few hours are too painful to handle, which forces them back into relapse. However, it is important to understand that opiate withdrawal is not an infinite problem. There is a timeline of opiate withdrawal and an end point. Although it may be difficult, reaching the finish line can help you live a life free of opiate addiction. The Stages Of Acute Opiate Withdrawal Acute opiate withdrawal is the period during which your body

  • Benzodiazepine Addiction Case Study

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    Benzodiazepines were first introduced in the 1960’s with the notion that they were free of addictive properties (de las Cuevas, Sanz, & de la Fuente, 2003). They instantly became popular due to their action of reducing tension and “inducing mental calmness” (Konopka, Pełka-Wysiecka, Grzywacz, & Samochowiec, 2013, p. 229). However, the awareness of potential dependence and addiction has increased as well. De las Cuevas and colleagues state that many studies have found that a substantial proportion

  • Process Addiction Essay

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    result – rather than a chemical is the stimulus which activates reward processes in the brain (Alavi, Ferdosi, Jannatifard, Eslami, Alaghemandan, & Setare; 2012). There is no interaction between external chemicals and neurotransmitters. No physical withdrawal symptoms appear after cessation of the behavior. A benefit of this is that PA does not inflict potentially permanent damage to the brain as can SUD. There are sociological differences, as well. While most people agree that excessive use of alcohol

  • Substance Abuse Among Teens

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    From overdoses or withdrawal symptoms, thousands of teens a year are sent to the E.R. from drug related incidents. On the information page about Emergency Room Statistics it is stated that, “The potential consequences of substance abuse are wide and varied. Teens arrive at the hospital each day due to overdoses, drug withdrawal symptoms, organ failure, seizures, violent fevers and a rash of psychological disturbances including

  • Personal Narrative: Can Society Function Without Respect

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    Can society function without respect? No, society can’t function without respect because people will pick on other people for little things and then eventually push that person far enough to causes harm to themselves or someone else because they have never been complimented and will feel like they're useless. If bosses disrespect their workers then their workers will not like their boss and possibly quit. When they quit they will spread the word that that boss is mean and either convince others to

  • Diagnostic Impressions Paper

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    Diagnostic Impressions Sharon is a 34 year old mother that is being forced by Department of Human Resources (DHR) to complete treatment to get custody of her two children. Sharon was married 10 years to her husband after he passed away from a car accident two years ago. Client reported that she started using opiates two months after her husband passed away. Sharon’s husband was her high school sweetheart and was the only reliable man in her life. Sharon married two years after graduating from high

  • Persuasive Speech: The Informative Effects Of Junk Food

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    I. Introduction: a. Attention Getter: Nothing can be as satisfying and enjoyable as eating junk food. Is it not? It can be so good! Food is what makes us who we are. It affects the shape of our bodies and it helps us grow into adults in a good and bad way. b. Reason to Listen: Unfortunately, not all food is good for us. These types of food are known as junk food. We all know the term “junk food” but what is the actual definition of junk food you may ask? Junk food is an informal term applied to foods

  • Rules Of 401k Withdrawals

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    The Rules of 401k Withdrawals Learning more about the rules of 401k withdrawals can be important, especially when a person is approaching retirement. After working diligently over the course of a lifetime to build a 401k, having this knowledge will help to ensure that your hard work isn 't wasted. Penalties The first item that should be considered is penalties. If a person is under the age of 59 ½ and wishes to make a withdrawal, they will be subjected to a 10% penalty. There are some exceptions

  • The Pros And Cons Of Doping In Sports

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    There has been a gigantic measure of scholastic and open civil argument throughout the years about doping and there are many people that are tending to it. Doping is a perplexing issue, everyone is still trying to understand how and why it happens, and how to avoid it. At the point when competitors choose to do this not only are they putting their wellbeing in danger, they are being unjustifiable, and it conflicts with the guidelines. Besides doping hurting the competitors who are engaging in it

  • Courage Quotes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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    People have in mind that courage is about being able to save other peoples’ lives and risking your own, or to climb Mount Everest, or to jump from the top of a high building. In the book, To Kill a Mockingbird, real courage is demonstrated in a different and encouraging way. Real courage is shown as fighting for what is believed in and what is most important, regardless of whether you win or lose. Atticus and Scout are two characters who define courage perfectly. The reasons why Atticus shows courage

  • The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana

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    Being a college student, I, myself, have heard and seen a majority of the favored drugs that are used and passed around campus. A few of those drugs include alcohol, Adderall, cough syrup, and the most commonly abused drug, marijuana. This particular type of drug is the most popular around campus, so I am very familiar with it. Marijuana is the most debated about drug around the world. Many, including myself, have wondered if it is safe enough to be used recreationally or if it should stay illegal

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Essay

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    among these obstacles will be going through the withdrawal process, which can be painful and scary due to typical alcohol withdrawal symptoms. For better or worse, allowing the body to detox from harmful substances is often an essential part of the addiction treatment process. Typical Alcohol Withdrawal symptoms Prior to seeking help for your drinking problem, it might be helpful for you to know a little something about the the kind of withdrawal symptoms you might encounter. Keep in mind, a medically

  • Essay On Ambien Withdrawal

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    sedatives that can offer a big amount of relief and induce sleep. Unfortunately, some users choose to abuse such drugs. Constant abuse can lead to an addiction with all that an addiction entails. If you never imagined someone going through Ambien withdrawal, the following information should give you a better idea how something like that can happen. America 's Most Popular Sleeping Medication For years, physicians have prescribed Ambien for patients with anxiety and sleep conditions. Over time, this

  • Essay On The Causes Of Alcohol Withdrawal

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    What Causes Alcohol Withdrawal Most people are familiar with the idea of alcohol withdrawal. They realize that people who have an addiction to alcohol often experience unpleasant side effects when they try to reduce or stop their alcohol consumption. However, they don’t have a clear idea of what withdrawal actually involves, how long it lasts, or how to treat it. One of the most common images is someone suffering from “the shakes” when they try to stop drinking alcohol, but not everyone will experience

  • Don Birman Psychological Analysis

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    Alcohol dependence disorder according to psychology matters is a condition resulting from the prolonged and usually intense consumption of alcohol which has resulted in psychological and/or physiological dependence on alcohol consumption. Alcohol dependence can cause significant turmoil in a person’s life. Alcohol dependence has been intertwined with childhood trauma: a person who experiences prolonged trauma during their childhood are at a greater risk of developing alcohol dependence in adulthood

  • The Crowd Cheered As Gloom Galloped Away Analysis

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    In the world of Matthea Harvey’s “The Crowd Cheered as Gloom Galloped Away,” sadness is represented in a physical form as pharmaceutical tiny ponies to show how people deal with solving depression through antidepressants. Emotions are an abstract concept, and despite their universal nature, people struggle to deal with them. The characterization of depression as ponies comments on how people deal with emotions as a whole. The poem elaborates saying that the people could overcome their depression

  • Perras Film Analysis

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    REVIEW: PERRAS Perras is a Mexican drama film directed by Guillermo Díaz on 2011. It’s based on a play with the same name. Its plot focuses around ten schoolgirls who are all suspects of something terrible that happened at school. Through the story the memories and feelings of each girl are uncovered, giving the viewers a glimpse of the ethics, esthetics and eroticism of these teenagers. The movie was heavily promoted as a Thriller in trailers, posters and other media due to its dark and twisted

  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Case Study

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    Nurse Management of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Seynor Massalee Kennedy Oakland University Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive, potentially fatal disease, which is characterized by a persons’ inability to discontinue use despite it resulting into emotional, social, legal or physical problems (Powell, 1999). Alcoholism is a common problem in United States, and an estimated 15%-20% of hospitalized patients are dependent on alcohol. These hospitalized patients are suddenly force to stop

  • Essay On The Glass Castle Alcoholism

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    Alcoholism is a physical and psychological disorder of the brain that involves the chronic and exorbitant consumption of alcoholic beverages. The consumption can be in response to stressful situations, at overwhelming amounts of social activities, and even in the comfort of one's own home. Alcoholism can trigger other psychological disorders such as depression and schizophrenia, and it also has other negative consequences such as kidney failure, heart defects, and even death. An example of alcoholism

  • Comparing Henry David Thoreau's Wisdom, Walden, And Withdrawal

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    Wisdom, Walden, and Withdrawal “...if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours,”( Thoreau 625). Henry David Thoreau shares his journey and experiences throughout Walden. Thoreau speaks greatly about the elements of self reliance and achieving goals. Several of Thoreau's lessons are still relevant in today's society, two of his fundamental ideas are that wisdom does not