Attachment Styles Reflection

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At the beginning of our lives we are born to create a relationship with our love ones, it depends on our parent to provide us with love and warmth to develop a positive bounding relationship. The purpose of the paper is to reflect which attachment style was utilized by my parents during my childhood and which type of attachment style I identify more during my adulthood. The four types of attachment styles that will be discussed are avoidant attachment, secure attachment, disorganized attachment, and ambivalent attachment. This reflection paper will help me as a social worker by applying my knowledge to identify the type of attachment each individual or family has and better understand how I can help them with their issues that
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In addition, my parent was going through a lot of stress, my mother passed through domestic violence, that may be the cause of myself not receiving a secure attachment. I can also relate with this attachment because I remember as kid I would be very clingy with my mom, feeling scared if she tries to leave me with a babysitter. Furthermore, I can relate with this attachment because as a child it was difficult to ask for help and support by…show more content…
As soon as I felt my relationship being serious I would break up the relationship, I felt so scared to make a commitment or even thinking about marriage. Even with my own parents I am not that affectionate, as I am today with my own children. The feeling of rejection has always been in my mind from friends, family, and husband, which rejections is one of the outcome of receiving an avoidant attachment. Even though, I receive this avoidant attachment growing up, I have developed a secure attachment to my children by bounding with my children at a young age and avoid repeating my parenting
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