Social Support Literature Review

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Literature Review
Social Support Albrecht and Adelman’s study (as cited in Kendall Hunt Publishing Co., 2011) provided a definition of social support as “verbal and non-verbal communication between recipients and providers that reduces uncertainty about the situation, the self, the other, or the relationship, and functions to enhance a perception of personal control in one’s life experience”. Social support is any type of communication that helps an individual feel more secure or certain about a situation and therefore being able to feel that they have control over a situation (2011, Kendall Hunt Publishing Co.). According to Hunt, social support emphasizes the availability of the network of people that provides support, therefore, the presence …show more content…

Emotional self-regulation operates through three subprincile: the self-monitoring, judgment of one’s behavior, and affective self-reaction (Bandura n.d., p. 248). Self-monitoring includes the awareness of oneself to his/her action, the judgement of behavior is observing the pattern toward doing something to affect it, and the affective self-reaction includes the mechanisms that regulate the courses of actions (Bandura n.d., p. …show more content…

Barkley (2009), define this as “notions of self-regulatory process that goes beyond fragments of self”, in person-oriented emotion regulation, the person’s functioning is coordinated by integrating as many subsystems and processes as possible for supporting a chosen course of action. Kuhl explains (as cited in Barkley, 2009) that regulating people’s actions in harmony with their inner needs, motives and autobiographical experience highlighted the support of “inner democracy”. Barkley (2009), identified to main ways in which emotion regulation may coordinate the functioning of the whole person, first is person-oriented emotion regulation may prevent people from becoming trapped in specific motivational-emotional states, second is by facilitating emotional changes, emotion regulation may promote coherence in personality functioning and personal growth. Person-oriented emotion regulation somehow seeks to bridge the division between mind and body, thus bodily activities integrate the emotion regulatory activities such as meditation and

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