Vulnerable Population Groups

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This paper is designed to help society understand the dynamics of oppression and discrimination against Muslim individuals in the workplace. This vulnerable population is at a high risk of mental, social and physical health issues. In order to help these individuals cope with traumatic stress and other events, there is a need of interventions and support groups that will assist with that process.

I chose to design my vulnerable population group on a group of Muslim workers experiencing work related problems. I may not have any knowledge of this population, but I will use this paper in order to further my research and clinical information towards working with them in a group setting. Hopefully, this paper will bring …show more content…

The purpose of the group would be to set an atmosphere where Muslim people can come together and share experiences that they may face in the workplace and support one another with different approaches or methods that may help one cope. Some of the goals that I feel would really help the group members reach the overall purpose of the group, is to create a warm, safe and friendly atmosphere. I feel as though setting specific rules and discussing the importance of confidentiality should set the tone for the group. As a facilitator, it’s my role to make sure I share who I am and state my purpose for the group. I shall identify with this specific group by doing my research on the culture itself and understand their beliefs and traditions before the first session of the group. I have based the goals for this group off of the needs and support of oppressed Muslim workers. One of the common themes that occurred in the literature I reviewed, was the need of support groups. Support groups regularly allude to self-improvement gatherings, gatherings of individuals who assemble to impart basic issues and encounters related to a specific issue, condition, sickness, or individual situation. In a care group, individuals can chat with different people who resemble themselves - individuals who genuinely comprehend what they 're experiencing and can share the sort of viable bits of knowledge that can just originate from …show more content…

A boss and worker should be able to talk about, or even contend over, religious standards. Muslims practice their religion through different activities such as, style of dress, way of keeping or wearing one 's hair, attempting to enlist others to their confidence, taking after specific eating methodologies, imploring, fasting, maintaining a strategic distance from certain dialect or conduct, and watching certain religious occasions. Muslims have difficult trials that they face in the workplace.
According to Anayat Durrani, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), received 440 dissensions from Muslim representatives, which have grown 42 percent since 1994, of instances of separation against female representatives who wear the religious head scarf or guys who wear facial hair for religious reasons (Durrani, 2001). This paper is designed to ensure the understanding of Muslim religious standards and traditions in the workplace. However many organizations have gone to a few lengths to guarantee that their employees are glad, but many have missed the managing of multiculturalism and assorted qualities of religious convenience in the working environment.
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