Most Vulnerable Countries

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25 Most Fragile And Vulnerable Countries

Twenty five countries make up for most tenuous and dysfunctional countries of the world. The Foreign Policy magazine has produced Fragile State Index that consists of annual ranking of the world’s least stable countries. These rankings are based on 12 metrics that includes access to public services, legitimacy of the state, prevalence of refugees and internally displaced persons, and human rights.
It came out without a surprise that the Scandinavian countries make to the bottom of the annual ranking. On the contrary you may be surprised to know that North Korea, being one of the most closed off and tyrannical countries in the world, escaped the top 25 list.
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Afghanistan: This country is among the most fragile countries that suffers economic and political stability. There has been more than a decade of foreign interventions and U.S. led nation building. Plagued by Taliban’s continuous threats, the country’s security apparatus receives a bottom score. 6. Chad: It has the lowest life expectancy in the world at just 49.44 years. Though it lacks infrastructure, it is burdened with over 500,000 refugees from Sudan and the Central African Republic. 5. Sudan: It has almost 3 million internally displaced people. Since 2007, the peacekeepers from the African Union and the U.N. have struggled to ease out the conflict in Darfur (a region in Western Sudan). 16 peacekeepers were killed in 2013. The oppressive and autocratic government is doing little to stop human …show more content…

Democratic Republic of Congo: It has been witnessing civil wars and conflicts. Many thousands of people are killed due to conflicts every year and average person earns only $400 a year. 71% of population falls under poverty in this country. In 1994, massive flow of refugees from Rwanda and Burundi was seen.

3. Central African Republican (CAR): It fell six places since the last index. There were a series of coups and ethno-religious conflicts within the country. The U.N. Security Council, in response, unanimously agree to send peacekeepers in the country to avoid violence that could lead to genocide. For displaced persons, security apparatus and external interventions, CAR received bottom score. 2. Somalia: This country was without a functioning government between 1991 and 2013, following multiple civil wars. Here, the infant mortality rate is estimated at being slightly over 10%, whereas the average life expectancy is 51.58 years only. It has been given worst scores for refugees and internally displaced people in addition with factionalised elites. 1. South Sudan: The world’s youngest as well as the most fragile state is having ongoing internal conflict since independence in 2011 that became all-out civil war in 2003. It is estimated that more than 1 million people have been displaced and additional 250,000 have fled to neighbouring

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