Multicultural Counseling Reflection Paper

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this statement, it does not answer my question. The problem was not that the text on multicultural counseling failed to address me as an ‘ethnic’ minority or that my position was lost between the black and white, but rather, why we need to identify our selves on the basis of our ‘race’ or colour?.

As I thought about my own childhood and origin, I realise that I was brought up with strong humanistic values, by both rational parents that were not ‘religious’. Although I am a Muslim and was brought up as one but with hen site I can see that I was brought up with a deeply developed conscious and inward teaching of Sufism which is the heart of Islam. They had lived and were educated in the west and had a deep understanding and respect for all cultures and religion. And that I came from a country that was itself multicultural and multiracial. Additionally, the fact that I have come from a country which was not been colonized for 250 years probably also plays a significant part in my analysis and conceptualization of this study.

My reflexivity was asking myself about my position if the language split me as the object (I) the ethnic minority and the subject (me) which refused the object position. To write from the position of being culturally different, …show more content…

It seemed obviously important considering the social conditions in which the racially and culturally different were either misrepresented or not presented at all. However recently this concept of celebration of difference by both minority ethnic as well as the people from the dominant culture is heading towards seemingly forward direction, but there is little agreement on what constitutes, or ought to constitute, the category of culturally different. The question of identity and power is a crucial factor in this

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