Multicultural School Counselor Essay

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It has been stated that by the year 2020, a large group of students attending public school will be diverse children (Holcomb-McCoy, 2004). Which is why the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) urge school counselors to verify that students have services and opportunities in regards to multicultural that will benefit their development (as cite in ASCA, 1999). Holcomb-McCoy states the nine categories that can provide better school counseling are multicultural counseling, multicultural consultation, understanding racism and student resistance, multicultural assessment, understanding racial identity development, multicultural family counseling, social advocacy, developing school-family-community partnerships, and understanding cross-cultural interpersonal …show more content…

Furthermore, to guide school counselors to take appropriate actions to service the needs of all students, school counselors can infuse their pre-service understanding of multicultural issues and apply them into their school counseling education curriculum. Holcomb-McCoy also states that targeting school counseling graduate students and advising them to complete their practicum and internship in schools that are diverse, whether it’s multiethnic, multicultural, or multilingustic to gain more knowledge and experiences will be beneficial when they are placed to work with diverse students. In regards to counseling with Asian students, multicultural school counselors should use religious and spiritual traditions with their Asian students to effective build rapport and trust with the student’s families. Fred J. Hanna and Alan Green discusses ways school counselors can implement their use of multiculturalism with Asian students, specifically with students who beliefs were Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam in their article “Asian Shades of Spirituality: Implications for Multicultural School Counseling” in three different case examples

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