Facilitator Essays

  • Facilitators Session 1

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    Session 1: Introduction 1. Facilitators will introduce the context of each session to participants by explaining objectives of each session in a language of which elementary school children can understand. 2. Facilitators will explain why group sessions are being held and their importance to therapy. 3. Facilitators will introduce the basics of ADHD. Facilitators will explain ADHD in brief detail in very elementary language. 4. Activity 1: Icebreaker – Working together towards a common goal of building

  • Group Presentation Paper

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    The group presentation started with the Lynn, the facilitator, who began by building rapport with the participants by thanking everyone for coming and participation. Lynn, the facilitator set the ground rules by educating the group members about confidentially, and the establishing of a safe environment. Lynn also emphasis the important of speaking of one personal experience and not others. After the ground rules were done by Lynn she gave the group members the opportunity to add any other rules

  • Co-Facilitation Research Paper

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    for one facilitator. Rotating the facilitation duties is a good way to care for yourself and your group. Also, the chances of burnout can be reduced by working with a co-leader. Letting go: If you tend to believe that "I have to do it all myself, or it doesn't get done right," practicing co-facilitation may help you break this pattern of control. Also, if the facilitator emerges by a group member to the degree that counter-transference is present (Corey, 2010, p. 46). If one facilitator becomes

  • Facilitation Process

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    Ensuring adequate time would have diminished my feelings of being rushed, allowing me to feel more comfortable in the role of facilitator and therefore more effective. With adequate time I would have been able elicit further opinions and discussion from the group. When reflecting back on the manner in which I presented my discussion questions I think I subconsciously changed a few

  • Group Therapy Argumentative Essay

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    n today’s society, and in some instances counseling has been viewed as a sign of weakness. Although, many people have found counseling to be a life changing experience while others that have not seek it never seem to progress in their lives. How does seeking group counseling make a difference? Seeking the proper help and skilled practitioners specialized in the area in need can certainly make a difference and help the individual traverse the obstacles to change, but success solely lies in the individual

  • Anger Management Group Analysis

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    Dade North. The intern noticed that there is normally only one facilitator for this particular group sometimes there is a case manager who help co-facilitate the group. The intern observed that there are many people that may have been or are involved in a support group, task group, or anger management group at her agency. 1. Background The group that the intern will be focusing on this paper is an Anger Management Group. The facilitator of this group uses Anger Replacement

  • Group Intervention Paper

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    their hopes and fears into the statement of purpose. Allowing group members to define the purpose helps members uncover fears regarding change and empowers them by helping them feel important in the group. At the closing of the session, group facilitator should lead a round robin in which each person shares a positive aspect of

  • Group Therapy Case Study

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    The therapy group session started promptly at 7p.m. The session was an hour long in duration. The facilitator introduced himself and the disorder he is was diagnosed with. He also stated the purpose of the group session. After the facilitator introduced himself the remaining members introduced themselves by stating their name and their diagnosis. The introduction of self went around the room so no one was left out. A sheet of paper circulated around to each group member displaying the rules of the

  • Reflective Account On Social Work

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    Introduction: This assignment critically reflects on everyday practice of social work in conjunction with the theories associated with the practise. I chose this course for two important reasons. 1. My aim of undertaking the assessing role is to help me learn and to widen my interest in social work. By enhancing my learning, I will be able to assess and assist the student to gain eclectic knowledge base and the skills required to undertake an assessment with a holistic approach. 2. By undertaking

  • Vulnerable Population Groups

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    help the group members reach the overall purpose of the group, is to create a warm, safe and friendly atmosphere. I feel as though setting specific rules and discussing the importance of confidentiality should set the tone for the group. As a facilitator, it’s my role to make sure I share who I am and state my purpose for the group. I shall identify with this specific group by doing my research on the culture itself and understand their beliefs and traditions before the first session of the group

  • The Pros And Cons Of AA Meetings

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    My idea of what AA meetings are like was largely shaped by the portrayal in movies and sitcoms as people sitting in a circle of chairs in a church room or an empty gymnasium, crying as they take turns oversharing their tragic circumstances. I assumed both NA and AA would be religious in their approach to recovery based on what I knew the 12 steps were. However, from knowing people who have attended AA before, I knew the movie representation of these meetings was dramatized and I was interested in

  • Kolbs Model Of Reflection

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    This essay aims to examine different models of reflection, such as Gibbs, Kolb, and Atkins & Murphy, it will then compare them in respect of their application to practice. It will then explore the ‘Gibbs’ model of reflection as a vehicle with which to discuss interpersonal skills and communication within team practice, this will also include multi-disciplinary teams in general. During this essay the author will identify the key roles and responsibilities and the main barriers that affect partnership

  • Group Reflection Paper

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    There are so many different self-help groups that can be found around the community. While researching a group to attend, I was shocked by the various groups that are put together to help with a wide array of issues. No matter what someone’s issue is, there was a group being held for it somewhere in the community. What I found, however was that it was very difficult to attend the group if you were not already a part of it or suffering from what was being talked about in the group. I began calling

  • Cross Cultural Reflection Essay

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    Up until now, I have had very little cross-cultural experience in the course of my life. Beginning with the fact that both of my parents are Dutch and the fact that I grew up here, made me a fully Dutch citizen, both in terms of origin and education. I am born and raised in a small village in the Netherlands, called Bodegraven. My parents have not provided me with a cross-cultural background as they both grew up on Dutch farms. However, they took me on holidays to several countries in Europe and

  • The Importance Of Good Listening Skills

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    Firstly, interpersonal skills can be defined as the skills we use to communicate and interact with others. The interpersonal skills I have include; listening, persuasion and feedback. Lets start by looking at the definition of listening. Listening can be defined as the way we receive and interpret messages accurately during a communication. However, listening is an important factor in communicating effectively because if one does not have a good listening skills, it can lead to messages being misunderstood

  • Effective Group Dynamics Analysis

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    Work groups are created when individuals come together to collaborate and accomplish a specific goal. The social interactions between group members, their behavior and the processes the group uses to reach their goal are defined as group dynamics. Essentially, effective group dynamics enable a group to form and function well. During the course of a modern-day career, almost everyone will be required to work within a group at some point. Organizations and individuals need to be aware of group dynamics

  • Facilitator Research Paper

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    Peer Recitation Facilitator Guidelines The guidelines below contain general information, a thorough description of what a “Peer Facilitator” is and some basic tips on how to serve students effectively, ethically, and appropriately. Goals of the Program: 1. Assist students in making successful academic transitions. 2. Facilitate learning in ADW. 3. Enhance academic experiences by providing an interdisciplinary learning approach model. 4. Guide students toward

  • Student Facilitator Narrative

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    the definition of drugs, how they can affect your body, and most importantly, how to make good decisions and avoid peer pressure. While the parent mentors stressed knowing anything and everything about substance abuse, throughout my 3 years as a facilitator I have found that being a successful teacher goes hand-in-hand with being a good role model. The kids aren’t watching the presentations to get information about drugs, they are watching to gain incites about how high-schoolers act and present themselves

  • Three Types Of Facilitators

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    There are three types of facilitators. Physical Facilitators are things that augment offender’s capabilities or help to overcome prevention measures. Trucks extend offender’s capacity to move stolen goods, telephones allow people to make obscene phone calls, and firearms help overcome resistance to robberies. Some physical facilitators are tools, but others are part of the physical environment. Felson and his colleagues had described how the old layout of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New

  • Facilitator Code Of Ethics Essay

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    Being a facilitator at the NCO Academy's Basic Leaders Course for the U.S. Army, I have gained an appreciation for the supreme importance of ethical conduct when forming our military's future leaders. As a result, I have explored the Army facilitator's code of ethics in greater detail. My purpose is to emphasize its main points and understand its relevance to training environments. I hope to draw the importance of having a clear and comprehensive code of ethics within the Army and emphasize its crucial