Effective Group Dynamics Analysis

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Work groups are created when individuals come together to collaborate and accomplish a specific goal. The social interactions between group members, their behavior and the processes the group uses to reach their goal are defined as group dynamics. Essentially, effective group dynamics enable a group to form and function well. During the course of a modern-day career, almost everyone will be required to work within a group at some point. Organizations and individuals need to be aware of group dynamics and how to manage them if they want to attain success. There are five key areas of effective group functioning; group member roles, leadership, conflict, communication and group synergy. Together these group dynamics determine if a group will become…show more content…
Diverse work groups are bound to encounter conflict and moments were members personalities clash. Maintenance roles such as harmonizer, compromiser and tension releaser can act as a buffer and prevent minor disagreements from becoming major problems. Additionally, these roles provide encouragement, motivation and keep communication productive even when group members are stressed. When our group of retail workers prepares for their coffee making demo, some members have different ideas on what drinks to make and all members are tense. Offering a solution and acting as a compromiser, Sam suggests they have the customer to decide and prepare to make both hot and cold coffees. The group is fully satisfied with this solution and feel that their opinions were listened…show more content…
Leaders can be designated by the organization or emerge from the group during its development. Either way, leaders function to mobilize the group into action and give direction as to what approach the group should take to completes tasks and overcome challenges. Interestingly, leaders do not all use the same technique to lead but, apply different leadership styles to achieve the desired result. A good leader can be a powerful catalyst for group member engagement and increase the effectiveness of the work group. While a poor leader will frustrate group members and discourage them from working together and putting forth their best efforts. Although there are many types of leaders they can be placed into one of two categories, task motivated leaders and relationship focused leaders. Both types of leadership can be effective depending on the requirements of the task the group is trying to
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