Group Reflection

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What I have learned I learned an enormous amount of information during the Spring 2018 OCTH 5510 Groups Theory & Practice course. The next few sentences will only provide a small window of what I have learned as I feel I have gained a lot more from this course than what I am going to write. First, I learned the differences between a group and a crowd. Second, I learned about the five stages of group development and their defining characteristics. Third, I learned about Dimock’s framework of group dimensions. Fourth, I learned how I can increase interaction among my group members. Sixth, I learned the pros and cons about democratic-leadership style, autocratic leadership style, and Laissez-Faire leadership style. Seventh, I learned the importance and relationship between attending, listening, and therapeutic use of self. Eighth, I learned about both the benefits and disadvantages of co-leadership. Ninth, I learned why linking is a valuable strategy to use in groups. Tenth, I learned about the pros and cons that are involved with the formation of cliques. Eleventh, I learned about Bale’s three basic group interaction categories. Lastly, I was exposed to why it is important to watch for the buildup of emotions in group members. I strongly believe that being exposed to these twelve major ideas plus all the others which were not mentioned will tremendously assist me in achieving further academic and work-related goals. Strategies for Capitalizing on My Strengths
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