Group Theory Reflection Paper

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What I have learned I learned an enormous amount of information during the Spring 2018 OCTH 5510 Groups Theory & Practice course. The next few sentences will only provide a small window of what I have learned as I feel I have gained a lot more from this course than what I am going to write. First, I learned the differences between a group and a crowd. Second, I learned about the five stages of group development and their defining characteristics. Third, I learned about Dimock’s framework of group dimensions. Fourth, I learned how I can increase interaction among my group members. Sixth, I learned the pros and cons about democratic-leadership style, autocratic leadership style, and Laissez-Faire leadership style. Seventh, I learned the …show more content…

From there, I will need to make adjustments so that I am constantly capitalizing on my strengths and improving the areas in need of …show more content…

I have no new ideas for assignments. I honestly cannot think of how the assignments or instruction can be revised to help students’ group design and facilitation improve because I know that you give us your best each time and it honestly depends on how each student perceives or takes in the information and your teaching style. You are a great professional and I know that you know exactly how to make each and every one of us grow. If adjustments need to be made, I think they will be made during the next course because you will have to see the strengths and weaknesses of the cohort are and take it from there. The next cohort maybe able to do more than us, less than us, the same, or who knows, we will have to wait and

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