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PS3030 Throughout my research for the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, I’ve learned an array of different things that were very informative and encouraging. I enjoy the fact that it caters to future and present events for their beliefs. Their main focus is to protect Social Security and Medicare benefits for all communities and generations. This Mission Statement in itself speaks volumes about the genuine care for its members. After my extensive research I’ve learned that a lot of hard work and dedication goes into these proposals and also the rejection of them as well. They continuously fight to preserve what’s right for our nation and the people who work hard to maintain a comfortable life style. The National …show more content…

Interest Groups have become a great platform for me to learn from. One other main thing I believe I will take away from this course is how important it is to get involved in what you believe in. No matter how small you think your position is, everything counts and it leads to a bigger picture. Standing for what you believe in is a major point that Interest Groups, Congress and politicians live by. I have grown to understand that it is vital to all outcomes. As I finish my course I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about the different topics of Interest Groups and Government. I will take away a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Politics and the way Interest Groups influence such dealings. I believe in the knowledge of all subjects and this course has helped me in a political aspect when it comes to Political Interest Groups and how they affect us worldwide. Becoming an advocate for what you believe in will take you many places, but of course I also learned that having support groups and a financial support is a big factor that comes into play. Standing for what I believe will now become the forefront of my

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