Comparison Of John Rockefeller And The Red Scare

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The most significant takeaway that I have from this course would be learning information regarding John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie. Now, the reasoning behind this is because these two men without a doubt influence the nation more than anyone else during their era and beyond. Furthermore, when looking at each one of these company’s net worth, they easily rival several nations gross domestic profit during this period. Additionally, their businesses employ more people across the country than any other companies of this time. Moreover, once these men reach the pinnacle of the corporate world, each one decides it is time to start giving back to their fellow man. Now, I found this baffling considering everyone at the time sees Rockefeller and Carnegie as robber barons. Additionally, when comparing Rockefeller’s and Carnegie’s philanthropy actions to today’s modern market, you do not see business owners contributing to society to the same magnitude as Rockefeller and Carnegie. …show more content…

Now, the Red Scare is incredibly intriguing considering that the United States’ staple is to foster the idea of different opinions. However, during this period Senator McCarthy goes on a witch hunt for anyone that supports communism or extreme leftism. Furthermore, it baffles me that United States’ way of finding these supporters not only violates all sorts of privacy laws but also lacks substantial credibility. Finally, after comparing events from the past to now, it is easy to see the progression of the United States that allows the expression of a plethora of different views without the fear of

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