Joe Mccarthy's Fight Against Communism

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During this time period, not long after the end of World War II, the USSR (Soviet Union) was on the rise, which led to the Cold War. The Cold War led to increased tension between the United States, and the Soviet Union due to competition and heavy conflict of interest. The involvement of the Soviet Union led to the dramatic fear of communism among the public after witnessing the horrific environment within the USSR. This helped develop McCarthyism, the idea of investigating, and accusing someone in power of being associated with communism. Joe McCarthy himself, the founder of his very ideal also gained much popularity within this time period due to many Americans fearing the rise of communist leaders and communism itself. He maintained support throughout all this time because there was no one that would go against him or his ideals. McCarthy was easily able to gain …show more content…

McCarthy uses a tactic known as “Red-bailing” on his opponents, which accused his opponents of being communists for going against him and this American pride of “democracy.” This led his opponents to lose support amongst the people, causing him to be the only one standing in his way. He had an overwhelming amount of the public supporting him, which caused his opponents to struggle against combating his ideals and beliefs publicly. Regardless, the American people needed McCarthy as a protection from communism, therefore no one else dared to challenge him for the sake of that protection. Not to mention, no one had a better strategy in the war against communism and communist leaders besides McCarthy, therefore leaving him alone to gain tremendous power and support. In conclusion, McCarthyism was recognized for a specific reason. Mccarthy himself, led the battle against communism when no one had realistic suggestions giving the public a sense of pride in American democracy and protection from those trying to bring it

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