The Crucible Vs Mccarthy

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Rod Serling, by creating the episode “The Monsters are Due on Maple Street”, Serling is trying to show an aspect of history like McCarthyism. During the episode, a lot is going on and it causes the residents to lose their sanity. The problem starts off small, and soon the whole situation is flipped from being about a power outage to blaming each other about who caused it. Lastly, the end of the show is total chaos. Much like McCarthyism which is making accusations to transform the established social order and treason without regards to evidence, the show represents that in a way that’s subtle. In the 1950s, Joseph McCarthy, the senator of Virginia at that time, feared communism would spread to the U.S, since it already spread to China and …show more content…

Movies in today's culture, especially horror movies, has the hidden message of McCarthyism. The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller from 1953, and the movie, The Witch, which was made 2016, both have similar connections to each other. In the article, “Why I Wrote the Crucible”, Miller makes many valid points and references to Red Scare era. Miller The Crucible was inspired by Red Scare and McCarthyism, but it was included the Salem Witch Trials as a main component due to similarities. The Witch is a remake of the Salem Witch Trials in a different point of view. In the Crucible, the Red Scare, Monsters and the Witch, “personal relationships between many” are hindered and changed in tragedy (Miller 3). In Witch, a family is split apart based in the belief of witchcraft. Salem, Red Scare, and in Monsters all have multitudes of people divided among each other, due to the thought that they could be different. The “sincerity of your confession” (Miller 4) was based of “blaming others” or by using “spectral evidence”(Miller 4); One person blames another or they required some form of evidence ,which is evident in the array of resources and constant during an according time span. In times of all these assemblage, the state of the area has “lost its mind”(Miller 4) and used any excuse to blame someone; In which all have a connection of “buried pubic terrors.” (Miller 6). Every resource has one event that changes the perspective of a person. This lead to accusations, which soon causes an uproar in a community because of the feeling of terror and the

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