The Crucible: Comparing Good Night And Good Luck

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“The Crucible” was written by Arthur Miller in the 1950’s to show McCarthyism with the use of the Salem Witch Trials as an allegory. Miller used an allegory of the Witch Trials to show another meaning to McCarthyism’s impact. McCarthyism was during the 1950’s that started with Joseph McCarthy that spreads the ideas of mass hysteria and fear of communism. Cite: McCarthyism, witch trials, communism and Joseph McCarthy) Similarly, “Good Night and Good Luck” by George Clooney was written in 2005 about Edward Murrow and the CBS News’ coverage of McCarthyism as a method to censor the media. Their newscast was against Senator Joseph McCarthy. They blamed McCarthy because he was discovered of being a communist. Clooney’s film addressed how communism

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