How Successful Was The Truman Doctrine Dbq

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During the period of the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union entered into a conflicting era of confrontation. It created an environment of hostility, competition and security on both ends. It was a war on propaganda, economic, diplomatic haggling and intermittent military clashes. There was no actual warfare among the nations it was at a competition to see who's government ideology was the "strongest". The United States had many goals but one successful one was to prevent communism from spreading, so they took preventive measures to help prevent communism from spreading a lot more than it had been. We, as a nation were in era of uncertainty and the American government developed policies in order to protect both the national and …show more content…

The United States took proper and a wise political response to perceive aggression from the Soviet Union both in Europe and Middle East. The United States came up with one of the most successful foreign policy, the "Truman doctrine". Communism started spreading around a good number of countries around Europe in countries like Hungary, Poland and Romania right after the World War II. This had gave the western world a big panic and there was one person who people always turned to, Truman was involved in this Europe affair he was the main “player” of the scene. The Truman Doctrine was announced by President Truman and was addressed to congress on March 12, 1947. This gave a huge impact to the communist movements in Iran, Turkey and Greece. It was to provide military and economic aid to Greece, Turkey and …show more content…

McCarthyism era was this huge idea of creating terror and frenzy by accusing most of the people of being involved in an "unwelcome" repetition, and making deals like letting them go in exchange for turning in friends, family members, and acquaintances. Senator Joseph McCarthy worn with an accused communist stating, "Senator, have you no shame" (Miller 1995; 111; Schrecker 1994; 93). In these cases, fear, philosophy and suspicion threatened to destroy the "community" of people and put in its place a tyrannical lead. People then started looking away from each other and questioning and trying to find out if they have a communist ideology. This gave so much tense and stress to the

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