Emotional Intelligence Influences Individual Success

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Emotional intelligence is an important factor which influences an individual success in their life (Ishak, Chiu, Rahim, Mahat, Hashim, Mutalib and Jdaitawi, 2013). “Intellectual intelligence contributes only 20% to one’s success while the remaining 80% of a person’s success in life is contributed by emotional and social intelligence” (Goleman, 1997). Yusof and Yaacob (2012) had mentioned that in their study that “Emotional intelligence is one of the main aspects of the National Education Philosophy”. Through the National Education Philosophy the important for emotional intelligence is extremely obvious and essential as intellectual intelligence and spiritual intelligence. If the students possess positive emotions towards their course, they …show more content…

Ability models view emotional intelligence as absolute type of mental ability and therefore as a pure intelligence. On the other hand, mixed models of emotional intelligence merge mental ability along with personality traits.
The ability model is proposed by John Mayer and Peter Salovey which emphasizes that emotional intelligence is a cognitive skill. Bar-On model on emotional intelligence emphasize as mixed ability model of both cognitive skills and personality traits. Golemen’s model of intelligence also regards it as mixed intelligence consists of cognitive skill and personality traits but focuses in workplace performance.

Mayer and Salovey 's (1997) model of emotional intelligence consists of four different branches including; perception of emotion, emotional facilitation, understanding emotions, and management of emotions. Perception of emotion is the capability to become self-aware of the feelings and to convey the feelings and emotional necessities appropriately to others. Emotional facilitation is the capability to differentiate between the several feelings people are experiencing and recognize those which are affecting their thinking processes. Understanding emotions is the capability to understand complicated feelings. Management of emotions is the capability to link or detach from feelings based on its effectiveness in given …show more content…

Self –awareness requires us to be aware of our feeling at the moment and be as the guide towards the decision been made. Self -awareness gives sense of self confident and accurate evaluation of a person own abilities. On the other hand, self-regulation is how a person manage their emotion so that it assist instead of interfering with the task in hand. Self-motivation is the ability of a person to understand their own emotion into motivating them toward involving themselves in the work they are working on without giving up. Empathy is the capability of a person to understand others emotion in particular situation and react appropriately. Social skills are the ability of an individual in communicating with others in proper manner to maintain the relationship with people that they engage

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