Walter Brueggemann Reflection On Biblical Authority

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Walter Brueggemann’s reflection written on Biblical Authority was his personal opinion and his connection with Christ. Being a pastor 's son his understanding of struggles and relation to the Bible were very clear. He stated several points revolving the Bible and what he believe has the most relevance and impact on most christians. The six main points he describes in detail are inherency, interpretation, imagination, ideology, inspiration, and importance.
Brueggemann explains inherency as the way christianity has developed and the structure over time. Christians have an image whereas believing, trusting, and having faith in Him will lead living their life as God expects them to and blessings will overflow. God is the Holy Spirit, everlasting
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Sin is a part of life throughout an average human and nobody 's perfect by any means, but God wants us to realize we can overcome these sins, actions, and bad behavior. The Bible itself has several subject topics and stories that relate to everyday life and temptations with his disciples, how they overcame these situations and still managed to live for God regardless of their past. Brueggemann believes that in order to understand and obtain information from the book of God you must have an open imagination. Having an open mind about christianity and reading the Bible will help obtain a clear visual and understanding what is expected of us as God’s people ensuring these signs, warnings, and blessings will happen if you believe in God’s word. Brueggemann encourages to have an imagination of our own to interpret our own understanding in ways we are comfortable. Ideology is different among all Christians and even non believers. How you live your life and make decisions is completely up to you, some may find it impossible to live life without sin whereas others don’t. There are plenty of christians who attend church regularly and live their religious life to their potential but are still
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