Evidence At The Temporary Residence Of John Evander Couey

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Task 1 Jessica Lunsford goes missing from her home in the middle of the night between February 23rd and 24th, 2005. Couey’s sister, the owner of Couey’s temporary residence, gave permission for investigators to search her home for evidence on March 14th, 2005. Evidence was collected and sent to the lab for processing. Her body was found at the temporary residence of John Evander Couey on March 18th, 2005. Task 2 0900 – Called to process Couey’s residence for missing girl, Jessica Lunsford. 0930 – Arrived on scene. 0945 – Briefing began. 0955 – Briefing ended. 0955 – Processing of property began. 0956 – Started with photographing outside of property and home. 1001 – Photographed unsettled dirt eastside of home. 1021 – Finished photographing …show more content…

The time the diagram is drawn will be written down as well. The diagram will have an overhead view of the crime scene. The scene will be drawn to scale. It will show what room evidence was found in and where. Also it will show you what was already in that room and is not considered evidence. It will contain a very detailed account of everything. This is done to help assist with the photographs taken on the scene. (Tina Young, 2011) The next step is to collect the evidence found. The time for evidence collection will be written down. When the evidence is ready to be collected each item will go into its own separate bag. Each bag will be sealed shut and the seal has to be signed. Next each bag will be labeled with the date and time of collection, what the item is, where it was found, the name and identification number of the person who bagged it, what type of crime scene it was found at, the incident number, and evidence number. (Tina Young, 2011) Next would be the search of fingerprints. When the search of fingerprints starts the time will also be written down just like with every other step. Throughout the scene different surfaces will be checked for finger prints. This part of evidence collecting is time consuming and messy. This is why this is the second to last step in the process of processing a crime scene. (Tina Young,

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