Feudalism In Western Europeans

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During the 1300’s, Western Europeans lived under a system known as Feudalism which was designed to protect them from invasions by Vikings, Muslims, and Magyars. In this system of Feudalism, powerful lords gave some of their land to lesser lords, also known as vassals, and in return, the vassals would promise service and loyalty to the greater lord. This was known as the Feudal Contract because each side offered something in return for something else such as land for protection and vice-versa (Ellis 186). Peasants also lived on the land to provide food for the lord and although they lived a harsh life, they got protection from the lord in exchange for their service (Ellis 190). However, although Feudalism was the system that people lived under, …show more content…

Also, religious officials such as priests were independent of the land and excluded from the Feudal Contract (Class Notes Dec 04 2017). However, an epidemic known as the Black Death was soon to reach the shores of Italy in the spring of 1348 and wipe out between 25% and 50% of Europe’s population. Many people who caught the disease had very short life expectancies and the disease was easily transmitted because there were three interrelated forms which could be caught in different ways (Boccaccio 1348). During this time, many people would blame each other for spreading or causing the Black Death and they would repent to God for mercy or forgiveness. Panic spread throughout the manors and people sought help from priests instead of doctors (Class Notes Jan 22 2018). A major epidemic such as the Black Death forced people to change so they would be better prepared for future outbreaks of …show more content…

One major change that took place was the invention of the astrolabe which helped sailors to determine their latitude at sea. Cartographers were able to create more accurate maps and sea charts. The Portuguese developed the Caravel which combined the square sails of European ships with the triangular sails of Arab ships. They also had the sternpost rudder and masts of Chinese ships, along with more weaponry such as sturdier cannons (Ellis 365). A combination of the new navigational tools and the caravels made travel easier and safer for many explorers and sailors

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