Ex Navy Seal Analysis

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Throughout the beginning of the book Marcus got trained by an ex- Navy Seal Billy Shelton, who made Marcus ready and helped him never give up. Marcus when he was young always wanted to be a Navy Seal so Billy Shelton trained him and prepare him. When Marcus was at BUDS, he was ready and prepared for the mental and physical task because of Billy pushing him every day as a kid. Marcus was always thanking Billy because he prepared him for everything. Billy made Marcus keep going even when Marcus wanted to quit. If Marcus would have quit and gone back to Billy, Billy would have been disgusted with him. This was one thing that helped Marcus never give up. When Marcus was fighting the Taliban soldiers and all of his teammates were dying, he kept fighting and going on. Marcus loved every one of his teammates, but one thing that Matthew Axe said to him made him keep fighting. Axe’s last words to Marcus were, “Tell Cindy I love her”. Marcus, like I said loved his teammates, and would do anything for them. He needed to tell the story of the bravest guys he knew. Marcus kept pushing and pushing to do that. …show more content…

Marcus was alone and very injured, but if he were to stop he knew he would die.He was walking up the mountain when men found Marcus and offered to help him. A doctor named Sarawa helped heal Marcus’s wounds. After he helped heal his wounds he offered him a place to stay in his house. Taliban came and beat Marcus so he moved spots with his other friend Gulab. Gulab helped Marcus get rescued and never left his side, pushing him forward and continuing on his path. If it wasn 't for Gulab he would not be alive

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