Perseverance In Eric Greitens The Warrior's Heart

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In “The Warrior’s Heart” by Eric Greitens the reader is shown many examples of perseverance and courage. Some examples are the final kung fu test, boxing, drown proofing, and hell week. For example in the final kung fu test the shifu was placing a sword to the throats of the students. Eric did not want to do this because he was afraid he would fail and the sword would wound him. However Eric conquered the fear and passed the test, this shows courage because most people would back out but Eric did not. When Eric first went to the boxing gym he did not know what to do, so when someone approached him to spar he agreed. Since the other man was a lot more experienced he beat Eric with little effort. Eric felt embarrassed after the defeat but instead of giving up he continued to go and eventually found a trainer who taught him how to box. …show more content…

In this exam they tied both their arms and legs and they had to swim fifty yards and retrieve a face mask at the bottom of the pool. What people fear the most is drowning and many people quit because of fear. Instead of letting fear control him Eric faced his fear and conquered. Eric has through the toughest workouts ands trials imaginable while in BUD/S however the most feared part BUD/S is hell week. This is known as the toughest week in BUD/S. Most people that are left quit before reaching the end. Eric could have quit because of peer pressure, fear, pain, etc. However Eric made it to the end and it paid off because he got what he wanted and that was to become a Navy Seal. All of this shows perseverance and courage, everyone has gone through something tough overcame

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