Eric Devers: A Hero's Life

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Eric Devers, who is a state trooper in Ohio, is now being called a hero. He saved the life of a truck driver. The whole ordeal was captured on video. You can hear Eric repeatedly saying, "Keep breathing." He also said, "Don 't You Die." The driver, whose name is John Depue, crashed his truck into an embankment. John was taking low, gasping breaths, and his eyes were halfway closed when Eric approached him. He then stopped breathing, and his eyes rolled to the back of his head.

Eric began CPR as soon as he realized John was not breathing. He administered CPR until the paramedics arrived on the scene. John soon began breathing on his own. The paramedics took John to the Wilson Memorial Hospital. He later made a complete recovery. The Ohio State Highway Patrol stated that Eric saved John 's life. …show more content…

Eric received a Certificate Of Recognition for his heroic efforts. The video of Eric saving John 's life has become very popular on social media. It has been viewed over 971,000 times on Facebook. It has also received over 7,400 likes. People are encouraged to thank Eric for his efforts by sharing the story with their family members and

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