Example Of A Rhetorical Analysis Paper

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Ake’ria King
Professor Amour-Hileman
English 1101- Composition
October 28, 2015

Cover Letter

By writing this paper I was analyzing the rhetorical analysis the article, “Fund 12 Years of Education for Girls Around the World” written by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. In my paper, I explained how Yousafzai effectively executed her persuasive article, and how she reached enough supporters to get the victory. I used the rhetorical analysis steps that we used in class. They helped organize my thoughts which also help me organize my paper. A challenge of writing a rhetorical analysis is writing a thesis statement. By writing the thesis, you have to pick whether you agree or disagree with the topic, to say whether the author’s paper …show more content…

This statistic logically support her claim that there is a substantial amount of females that want to receive an education however cannot. In addition, it shows that it is a real problem worldwide and not just in the two examples she presented at the beginning of the article. The numbers and details make up an appeal to logos and influence upon the reader that this is a problem worth actually talking about and changing. Along with strong logos appeals, Yousafzai effectively makes appeals to pathos in the beginning. Her introduction is full of emotionally-charged phrases and carefully chosen adjectives that create a sympathetic image; “refugee camp”, “threatens girls”. The image she evokes of the challenges there are to be a female who wants better for themselves successfully introduce the argument and its seriousness. Her goal is to make the reader feel sympathy for these young girls. Also, some other words and phrases such as, “sixteen”, “courageous friend” (Yousafzai). These words and phrases emphasize the strong capability of females. By stating the age of the young girl, the writer is explicitly telling you that even though she is young, education is this important to her. In addition, by stating that her friend is courageous it defines the seriousness of what the young female is doing. There could be serious repercussions to Muzoon encouraging girls to stay in school and to want more form their …show more content…

Yousafzai ended her article by speaking on how she is blessed enough to receive a free education and hints that just because those who are presented with these privileges, we must come together and join voices to make a change for all the underprivileged girls around the world. Yousafzai beautifully stated her points, and different perspectives to help her audience understand why no matter their situation, they should want to help these girls who deserve an education. She used enough logical appeal to combat her emotional appeal that she began with, to avoid her article sounding like she was begging them to support the cause, or sounding like she was trying to guilt her audience into caring. Yousafzai article was written eloquently, and as of October 22, 2015, over 1,000,000 people around the world signed the petition supporting girls’ education, and GPE has announced that it plans to expand its focus to support a full 12 years of primary and secondary education for the poorest girls around the world (Malala

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