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Today we will learn about the different kinds of inequality signs and how to use them properly.

Not every two quantities are equal. Therefore, we have inequalities allowing us to compare two different quantities. An inequality is a statement that compares two expressions using one of the following signs:

< : less than
> : greater than
≥ : greater than or equal to
≤ : less than or equal to
≠ : not equal to

Inequalities are used in the world all around us, we just have to know where to look. Figuring out how to interpret inequalities is an important step to learning how to solve them in daily circumstances. Knowing how to do this is important in everyday life because you use them to represent real world situations and to solve everyday …show more content…

Think about the following situations: The weight of your baggage or luggage when you go on a plane, speed limits on the highway, the grading system in which you can get an A+, minimum payments on credit card bills, and the minimum height in which you can go on a thriller ride in an adventure park. Believe it or not, all of these examples can be actually be represented as inequalities.

When we talk about the daily use of inequalities, we usually refer to limits, such as “the speed limit is 65 miles per hour” or “I have a limit of 250 text messages per month.” However, we don’t have to travel at exactly 65 miles per hour on the main highway, or even send and receive precisely 250 text messages per month, the limit only sets a boundary for what is allowable.

Let's try figuring out the type of inequality that we should use for this story problem:

Roger is in charge of raising money for his sleepover class field trip. He needs to raise at least $850 or more for the trip. If each student pitches in at least $35, how many students will Roger have to collect the money from to beat his goal? Let 's' represent the number of students that Roger

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