Example Of Microaggression In Education

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Microaggressions are evident in schools, and these sublte insults/assaults have a significant impact on an individual’s education and success (Kohli & Solórzano, 2012). Students with different socio-ethnic background than the majority appear to be opposed with a lot of challenges in the school system. In our Microagression and Deficit Thinking (2016) video, the students we interviewed, some of which are in junior high and high schools, stated some type of microaggression toward minority group regarding people’s assumptions about them. However, when an elementary student was asked about microaggression, he did not know what it was (Microagression and Deficit Thinking Video, 2016). This shows how K-12 students, especially elementary students are not aware of what microaggressions are, yet they experience it in their everyday schooling. …show more content…

This method of thinking has been applied to different educational situations that caused problematic issues regarding students’ trajectories to success. Furthermore, the combination of these social and ethnic inequalities that result to teachers’ deficit assumptions in their students’ abilities and the idea of meritocratic school system will definitely have a significant effect on students regarding educational inequalities (Clycq, Ward Nouwen, & Vandenbroucke, 2014). We argue that these deficiencies from different socio-ethnic background are not accurate; rather these are just inflicted on students of color with the assumptions that they will be less capable of success than the dominant

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