Examples Of Antihero In A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol is about an antagonist name Ebenezer Scrooge. The reason he is the antagonist is because he basically is a very selfish man. Whenever there are poor families without money for Christmas, he does not do anything to help them, and does not even care. Greediness is probably the most noticeable flaw, money is all he ever thinks about. Whenever there is a happy or joyful person at Christmas time, he does not want to share in the happiness. He is most known for the phrases ‘Bah’ and ‘Humbug’. He does not like the people spreading the Christmas spirit. Even taking time off to be with their families is forbidden with Mr. Scrooge, only work all the time.
In the movie there are also antiheroes. The antihero in ‘A Christmas Carol’ is Jacob Marley. Jacob Marley was a previous business …show more content…

The candle at the beginning of the movie is also an allusion which represents the past. He takes Scrooge and shows him what it was like in the past in other people’s lives. Afterword, the ghost of Christmas presents pops up and he represents the present time. His purpose is to show Scrooge what everybody was saying about him while he is not there. The words are terrible and sad. Finally, the shadow represented the future and it shows that if Scrooge doesn’t change his ways he is going to die on Christmas day. The atmosphere of the Christmas Carol was very unkind and very sad. When he is in the present, he sees that all the people that know him are making fun of him and nobody really ever liked him. There was mystery in the atmosphere also as the ghosts took Ebenezer Scrooge many strange places and he saw many sad and strange things happen. Ebenezer Scrooge is also the Protagonist of the story. The story begins with a very mean, miserable, unkind person with no love. Through all the experiences he turns to be a much kinder person that eventually cares for other

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