Examples Of Blaming The Victim

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media. The term itself derives from a victim being partially to blame for an act caused against him or her. Specifically with respect to current events, we find term to be tossed around again with unfortunate carelessness. In this paper will discuss how the term came to be. I will also bring us up to date to where to term applies to current day events. William Ryan coined the phrase “blaming the victim” in his book Blaming the Victim in 1971, as a response to years of oppression and the civil rights movement. He describes victim-blaming as a way to preserve the interest of the privileged group in power. Holding the victim accountable for persecution and mistreatment gives the abusive party justification for its actions. These abusive actions have stretched from present day to the racist days of slavery. The color of ones skin was sufficient enough to lay blame for being violated. Justification of beating slaves came from ownership and expected rights from that. If the slave owner has rights to ownership of ones body then of course it is no fault of theirs when abuse takes place. The blame is placed solely on the victim regardless wrong or right. The examples are many im sure that blaming the victim during those days was universal. …show more content…

Skin color and racism again played an important role in victimizing. Being punished in this era was solely based on being black. There were no ownership statutes The blame was unfortunate. “Blacks deserved a lower standard of living”. “You were shot because you ran.” “You were beat because you are black and didn’t listen.” Was it the victims fault that skin color gave reason to blame? Was it their responsibility? Was it skin color that allowed invitation and justification for abuse. During that time the answer was an unfortunate yes by the

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